2015-11-05 14.02.24 (2)Since we are primarily a CERT/ARES/Service kind of club, why not start there? Included below are resources for Santa Clara County, and since we are fairly South in the county, we have included the lists from the local San Benito County group as well. We are working on an “official” club list, as well.  When it is complete, it will be published here.

Don’t forget to program the frequencies for our repeaters!

Official GVARC South County Frequency Lists

UPDATED 3/2/2023 – Morgan Hill / Gilroy coordinated frequency list for you to use to input into your radios. Anyone wishing to participate in South County communications exercises, drills, and emergency communication events, should utilize this list. In this way, a net control can simply say “change to channel 5” and if everyone is using the same list, then everyone will all have the same channel 5.

Additional Frequency List Resources

Simplex Net

The last Tuesday of each month we will conduct a simplex net, without the repeater, to practice message relaying in the instance or conditions which our repeater is offline, or unavailable for whatever reason. This is a great way to enhance amateur radio operator skills.

To participate in the simplex net:

  • If you have already downloaded the frequencies list from the frequencies page on this site and loaded it on your radio, simply go to channel 2, “s-GGF-v”, and use that channel to transmit on during the net.
  • If you are a more advanced user, we are simply transmitting on the output frequency of the repeater, which in the case of W6GGF VHF would be 147.825Mhz. Since this would be simplex there is no offset, but you will still want to use 100Hz for the PL tone otherwise others that have that programmed will not be able to hear you.