Simplex is Back!

This past month we conducted our first simplex net. Going forward we will conduct simplex nets on the last Tuesday of the month at the regular 1930 hours net. A new script for this net has been created and sent out to current net controls.

To participate in these new simplex nets, all you have to do is transmit in simplex mode on the output frequency of the repeater at 147.825Mhz. There is no offset as this will be a simplex configuration. However, you will still want a PL tone of 100Mhz. You can add this new channel to your radio and just call it s-ggf-v or something along those lines so you will know it is the simplex version of the repeater.

Or… You can just download the current channel list that we have already already put together for you and load that into your radio. Then you only have to switch from channel 1, to channel 2. Done!